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Green Plantain Pancakes

I often suggest this simple, grain-free, version of pancakes. Here’s the recipe!


Plantain pancakes


Equipment: blender, frying pan or griddle, spatula, knife



1 green plantain

1 egg

Pinch of salt

1/4 – 1/2 cup “milk” of choice

Avocado oil or ghee

Cut the plantain into sections and remove peel. Put into blender jar with the egg and salt. Add a small amount of your liquid of choice and blend. Add liquid to desired pancake batter consistency. Mixture may thicken slightly on standing so have a little “milk” or even water handy in case you need to thin it.

Heat oil or ghee on a griddle or pan. Cook pancakes, turning after bubbles form on the top.

Serve with fresh fruit, a little bit of real maple syrup, or use to make breakfast sandwiches.

This batter made even thinner can be cooked in a large pan as a wrap or tender faux tortilla. Experiment!

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