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When it comes to mastering a healing art Galen takes it to a new level. I've had several acupuncture treatments over the years, however, no other treatment had the positive effects as do her therapies. I highly recommend Two Rivers Wellness to all who wish to have a truly magickal experience and who are looking to gain authentic healing.  -DH


Galen, has been treating me for over 10 years for a chronic neck injury, digestive issues and all the bumps and grinds of daily living. Her holistic approach and gentle touch, makes getting stuck not quite the trauma I once believed it was, and you know what i ALWAYS feel better after a session, regardless of how awful those Chinese

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Galen is a great healer. She is very helpful in teaching one how to heal, And her treatments really help.

Galen has helped me heal

I’ve been struggling for about 9 years. Galen has helped me heal, and learn how to take better care of myself. She’s awesome. Make an appointment before you suffer any longer. –SP

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